Zero Waste

iTransform is all about that zero waste life and we would like to help you get started. It’s not as hard as you might think. The first step is to create a Digital Roadmap. “What is a Digital Roadmap?” you might ask. 

A digital roadmap is a journey map of the business needs from a digital perspective.  It allows you to clearly identify the available solutions in house, the needed one, how to integrate all of these, how to select the new solutions and what changes or inputs from people & process perspectives are required to make it successful and enable you to have the best return on investment. 

What makes a digital roadmap a winning investment is how adapted to your business it is.  To create an adapted digital roadmap, you need to make sure it is driven by your business objectives not by technology.  Why? Because all companies have access to the same technologies, but your business objectives are the real differentiator to make your digital investments meaningful and worth it. Read more from our blog, “How SMEs Can Build Successful E-Commerce Website? “ for the other steps. 

"Digital Roadmap is going to help us more precisely anticipate demands and operate more smoothly. We now have a clear path forward so we can focus our attention on the right areas."
Stephen Dixen
Grimross Brewery

How does a Digital Roadmap Work

The process of producing a Roadmap starts with a deep dive into design thinking. You and your team will evaluate the key values and goals that form the core of your business—the things that really matter. Then, you’ll use that framework to evaluate and reformulate your strategic priorities, considering all aspects of the business.

Your Input

  • You and your team attend a one-day design thinking session to identify critical business issues and strategic goals

  • You and your team provide access to relevant data from across the company.

Digital Roadmap

  • Comprehensive view of your business goals and strengths

  • Opportunities ripe for digital solutions

  • Step-by-step process for implementing a series of strategic digital initiatives

  • Budget and effort required for each initiative

  • Metrics for measuring progress

Competitive Advantage

  • Fast-track your way to operational efficiency

  • Cut cost and increase profits

  • Target and measure KPIs and ROI

  • Create a clear vision your whole team can follow

  • Generate sustainable innovation: Start with quick wins that deliver cost savings to finance larger projects

How to get Started

We understand how tough it is to sort the hype from practical solutions you can start implementing today. That’s why we’ve created The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Transformation. It’s an easy read, and it will open your eyes to realistic possibilities for your business.