$20K New Brunswick Grant for Digital Transformation


Get a successful DIGITAL BOOST 2.0 application. Create an adapted digital roadmap. Modernize your fast-growing business 

Are you dealing with fast growth pains?

Management misalignment

Excessive hiring

Lack of productivity

Cash flow challenges

“My best takeaway in the process of creating our company’s digital roadmap was how much time we really are spending managing data.” 

Marc Schurman, CEO 

Atlantic Grown Organics 

“The Digital Roadmap is going to help us more precisely anticipate demands and operate more smoothly. We now have a clear path forward so we can focus our attention on the right areas. ”

Stephen Dixon, CEO

Grimross Brewery

“This process allowed us to unite the team by isolating specific topics with KPIs.”

Guillaume Ross, Business Development Manager

Toner Realty 

We will help you fix these pains through the Digital Boost 2.0

Here is how:

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2. Get your funding

Get a 20k non repayable funding to do your digital strategy 

3. Create a digital roadmap

Create a digital roadmap adapted to your own business

4. Implement your quick wins

Start getting results by implementing solutions that are simple

Get started with iTransform today to secure your non repayable funding and create a winning digital roadmap for your business. 

Since 2018, iTransform works with small and medium businesses to secure their funding; create adapted digital roadmaps and implement effective digital solutions. We will make sure this process is seamless for you as well. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a digital roadmap? 

The adapted digital roadmap identifies the organization’s issues that digital transformation could quickly address by stating clear action steps, timelines & budgets. 

What type of digital solutions do you find in a digital roadmap? 

A digital roadmap identifies needs for different digital solutions that help grow revenue; improve efficiency; enhance client experience; enhance employee engagement. These digital solutions can be: e-commerce; process optimization; ERP; CRM; digital marketing; branding plan; strategic plan; e-training; back-office digitization; cyber security; data and analytics; etc. 

Why do you need a digital roadmap? 

The main role of a digital roadmap is offering guidance by identifying initiatives that will turn existing inefficiencies into real growth opportunities. 

What is the Digital Boost 2.0? 

Digital Boost 2.0 gives New Brunswick-based businesses funding and expertise to create a digital strategy, the first step in a robust digital transformation journey. The program will help up to 150 companies to do this work.  

Learn more here: https://www.techimpact.it/digitalboost2  

Who is eligible to the Digital Boost 2.0? 

The Digital Boost 2.0 is targeted toward New Brunswick based companies that are 500 employees or less. Here is the

criteria listhttps://www.techimpact.it/db2forbusinesses  

Where to apply to the Digital Boost 2.0? 

You can complete the application here: https://clients.techimpact.it/funding-recipient-application  

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