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Our mission is to give small and midsize businesses the tools and resources they need to compete in their industry.

We know you can do it by adding digital capabilities that help you conquer your challenges and evolve as a business. 

From starting our own companies and working with hundreds of growing businesses, we know you need simple, practical solutions that get fast results and advance your business.

So that’s what we deliver.

We know change can be hard. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you.

We’ve created a way for you to find the digital services you need at the right price from providers who know your challenges. Quick wins will keep your momentum going. Along the way, we’re there with support and insights to guide you.

Modernization is within your reach. All you have to do is start.


Clients’ experience with iTransform

We knew a digital roadmap was imminent to the company and we knew iTransform had the knowledge needed to execute what was best for the future of Grand Falls Brewing Co. Our experience with iTransform was really professional and personal at the same time! They are GREAT at what they do and we will definitely do business again in the near future.

Denis Gervais Grand Falls Brewing Co. Ltd. (Co-Owner)

Grâce à l’accompagnement professionnel et la grande disponibilité de toute l’équipe de ITransform, nous avons pu mieux définir nos besoins et priorités. C’est en cela que nous avons trouvé une grande valeur ajoutée à l’élaboration de notre feuille de route numérique. L’équipe est très humaine et a su comprendre nos défis en partageant leurs expériences professionnelles. La prise en charge a été très efficace et rapide, ce dont nous avions besoin.

Geraldine Cotte Xtreme Cold (Project Manager)

This process allowed us to unite the team by isolating specific topics with KPIs.

Guillaume Ross Toner Realty (Business Development Management)

The Digital Roadmap is going to help us more precisely anticipate demands and operate more smoothly. We now have a clear path forward so we can focus our attention on the right areas. Digital transformation will allow us to provide more consistent service to our customers, and it will help us improve our operations by working smarter. Across different departments, everyone can now understand how the whole unit can come together to work more effectively.

Stephen Dixon Grimross Brewery (CEO)

Penser au changement n'est pas chose naturelle pour une entreprise en pleine croissance. Mais fait avec méthode, la démarche nous assure à long terme, des économies d'échelle en temps et en coût afin que nous puissions innover plus librement. iTransform nous a aidé à mieux comprendre cet ordre des choses et nous a aidé à élaborer un plan d'action qui nous convient selon nos besoins réels.

Patrick Ouellette TDW Hotel Furniture (Proprietaire)

    The Benefits of Working With a Digital Transformation Company

    Just about any business can benefit from working with a digital transformation company. From smaller businesses that may be lagging in their digital aptitudes to larger organizations that may be looking to overhaul an old way of doing things, it’s true that digital transformation technologies can make a business more efficient as well as more profitable.

    When you consider that over 90 percent of companies do business in the cloud, that means even businesses that don’t sell goods and services online still typically have important digital needs, and a digital transformation is about bringing more of your company into the fold so that you can benefit from the efficiencies of digital tools and services.

    What Is Digital Transformation?

    While businesses may be at different stages of their digital needs, digital transformation is a holistic effort, intending to fundamentally change how you do business and the tools that you utilize to do so. It’s also a cultural change that requires buy-in at various levels of your organization and can almost be seen as a rethinking of how you do business. 

    However, it also means that digital transformation looks different at each company as different concerns and practices are addressed, and it also speaks to the value of the right digital transformation partner. If you’re taking a closer look and overhauling everything that your business does, you don’t want to be taking advice from someone that doesn’t know what they’re talking about or that isn’t tailoring the advice to your precise needs.

    That said, the right digital transformation company can get you up and running faster than you ever could on your own, and here are some of the ways in which you can benefit.

    Enhance Your Data Collection

    Businesses collect enormous amounts of data with each passing day. The unfortunate part is that many businesses don’t even utilize this data, instead allowing it to expire or sit somewhere without ever being analyzed. But with digital transformation technologies, you’ll have the necessary tools and protocols in place to make the best of the data you’re collecting, incorporating it to make better decisions at the highest levels of your company.

    Better Manage Your Resources

    Because digital transformation is mostly about leveraging technology to help you do more work in less time, it also helps you better manage your resources. Rather than manual or disparate solutions that don’t really work together and make collaboration and integration difficult, digital transformation is about bringing together all of your company’s resources so that you can put them to use where it matters most and reduce the time and energy that you spend on menial tasks that may be better allocated to automation or in the cloud.

    Create a Better Customer Experience

    When you’re able to collect more data and better manage your resources, you’ll gain the ability to create a better experience for your customers and users. That can help bring more revenue in and increase profits for your business while meeting the expectations and needs of your customers. 

    Not only do customers today expect lots of choices, low prices and fast turnaround, but they’re also judging the companies they support with the same concerns, and as more companies engage in digital transformation, they’ll be leaving you and your audience further and further behind — unless you step up with a digital transformation of your own. It’s one of the biggest things driving digital transformation today, and with the right partner you can ensure that you’re leading the way instead of being left behind.

    Meet Our Leaders

    Charles Gervais


    Charles has a down-to-earth attitude, but that never stops him from thinking big. With more than 17 years of experience with both the strategic and practical sides of IT solutions, he’s never  content with “good enough.” By bringing big-company digital opportunities to small and medium-sized businesses, Charles aims to help them re-invent themselves and succeed.

    Connect with Charles on Linkedin

    Meriem Dibaj, MBA


    Meriem is a dynamic business strategist on a mission to help developing companies transform and grow. With two Master’s degrees in business, a certificate in Digital Transformation from the University of California, and international experience, she relishes the opportunity to remove obstacles and help businesses reach their full potential.

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